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 Helping you make memories around the table
as you celebrate all of life’s special occasions.

Woody and Pearl Photography

Woody and Pearl Photography

We’re serving up great food and warm hospitality in the comfort of our southern antebellum home...or yours.



We’re the Ellingtons.

Evan is the man in the kitchen.  He’s obsessed with simplicity and nostalgia - the stuff that transports you to a different time and place.  Evan views his role as a chef as being a curator more so than an artist, searching out delicious things, and sharing them with all of you.  You can learn a lot about a man by his Amazon Christmas list. Last year, Evan’s included Nduja (spreadable salami) variety packs, a 3.5 pound tub of maldon sea salt, heirloom grits, and a variety of cookbooks and kitchen tools.  If he’s not cooking or playing with our son, he’s probably researching, talking about, or consuming food.

I’m Rachel, Texan turned Tennessean, wife to the chef, mom to Hunt, CPA by day, and assistant at Eader House by night.  My death row meal would be a simple prosciutto and cheese sandwich on a perfect French baguette, paired with a glass of Sancerre.   In my free time (if there is such a thing with a toddler), I dabble in modern calligraphy and the occasional overly-ambitious craft.

Hunt is our blonde-haired, green(ish)-eyed toddler.  He’s a professional taste-tester, stick collector, vacuumer extraordinaire (who needs toys when you can play with the Dyson?), and the light of our lives.

Hang around awhile!  We’d love to get to know you, too.


Enough about you. Tell me more about
Eader House.

Eader House is an antebellum home in the College Hill Historic District of Brownsville, Tennessee (about an hour east of Memphis), dating back to 1865.  Our services include on-site and off-site catering and private dining, pop-up dining events, and offering the home as a venue for weddings, showers, business events, and more.

Our goals for Eader House are many, but first and foremost, we hope to preserve this beautiful home for the community. Whether you’re planning an intimate private dinner, a blowout birthday party, a shower for soon-to-be parents, or a wedding for 150 guests, we’d love to celebrate with you.  


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